Fine Grading

Northshore Paving, LLC is the experienced professional in the Seattle and western Washington area for regrading gravel roads and parking lots. Over time, dirt roads begin tearing apart through the action of passing vehicles and the effects of Mother Nature. This can cause washboarding, potholes, rutting, and more. The solution to this problem is to regrade the road surface, eliminate defects, and add good quality gravel.

Parking lot grading is a critical step in building a sound, long-lasting foundation for an asphalt parking lot. Professional grading performed by the experienced professionals at Northshore means you will have an optimal surface free of defects that cause premature pavement failure.

Call on the professionals at Northshore for your dirt road regrading and parking lot grading needs.

Fine Grading

For any of these projects, Northshore Paving, LLC. provides qualified, licensed, bonded, and insured workers for your asphalt paving needs and more. Let us know what you need by calling us at 425-481-6598 or filling out our bid request form. Northshore Paving, LLC. offers asphalt services in in Western Washington.

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